Serious Market Earthquake Incoming — Set Your Profit Targets Now


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Here’s a major update and fresh profit target on AAPL and Mark has a big money flow breakdown in big banks…

I warned you about the cracks, and now we're getting our earthquake! Last week I pointed out that AAPL made one of my favorite volume profile moves, it started breaking the point control and value area. 

This combination makes a double force for any breakout or breakdown. In this case of the breakdown, it isn't the favorite move for the general market.

As AAPL sent our warning sign, the market is starting to finally follow. 

My next target for Apple is around 164, but Closers followed my gutsy move last week and made major dough. 

It was also cool that Mark caught a big short in QQQ. Teamwork is dreamwork.

Now for the next update on GE!

During our Free Friday open house on February 16, we dropped a free trade in GE: March 28th 155 calls for 4.20. Those are now trading over $9! That's a 114% increase. I love our special one-two profit punch between live day trading and passive trading.

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Next up, freshly served big bank money flow…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: VLY

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow is a phenomenon triggered when a substantial volume of options is traded in a single sweep, typically by an insider privy to exclusive information. 

  • This serves as a powerful indicator for potential stock shifts, often escaping the notice of the majority of traders.

  • My focus lies in identifying, deciphering, and capitalizing on Big Money Flow for trading maneuvers and profit gains. 

While everyone is talking about they should...sneaking under the radar there is another area of the market that is blowing up....mega banks.

JPM is at a new all time high, Goldman is breaking out. BAC and even WFC look strong.

On the other side are the midcap and community banks that are getting crushed.  We all know NYCB might go under...but take a look at similar banks....VLY is on my radar.

We have seen a decent amount of bearish flow in that name.

Traders were selling out of Oct 5 puts and levering up the 3 puts.

This is likely bond holders hedging, but it points toward the risk here.

Right now the trade is long mega and short community.

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Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian