How Far Can AAPL Fall?


Maybe you’ve spotted the major inefficiency in the market…

The broader market is more bullish than ever, but something caught my eye while flying over America on the way to Vail. I happened to sit next to someone in the industry on the plane and he was curious about my thoughts on Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Mark has asked me a few times what I think about Apple and I honestly didn't have an answer because it wasn't giving a true Volume Profile indication. It has drifted lower but didn't break or make anything… Until yesterday, Leap Day.

I pulled up the chart thinking I'd have the same answer, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't want to spread doom or gloom, but let's zoom out here…  

The market is looking for a correction. Previously, I was convinced we needed to push higher before we’d get that… and now, I am not so sure. While everyone is drooling over chips, AI and NVDA... AAPL, a true market leader, hasn't been as exuberant. 

FYI - AAPL is AI, it NEEDS AI so this is no dinosaur we’re talking about. Remember, AAPL is a major position in portfolios big and small around the world, so everyone is dependent on its health. Yes we're Stage 5 clingers! 

As I referenced here, AAPL has proven to be a major bellwether for the overall market…

And now, according to the Volume Profile, AAPL looks like it is breaking the almighty point of control. Not only that, this will be a volume profile value area and point of control breakdown.

AAPL is almost like a commodity, it is so fundamental, so any news can trump the charts. However, I have my eyes on this and considered a short for myself if we have some follow through

Check out what Mark spotted on the horizon…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: QQQ

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when someone buys or sells thousands or tens of thousands of options at once.

  • Insiders behind these plays have knowledge no one else has and these moves signal wild stock shifts to come. 

  • I specialize in spotting, understanding, and profiting from these moves.

Here’s a massive put spread in QQQ tied to stock.

Are you wondering whether the market is feeling toppy? 

When we start to see paper like this — huge put spreads in QQQ and in SPY — it is a sign of what the big players are thinking.  

At a minimum, a hedge makes sense to them and at most, they think a turn around could be coming...

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Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian