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While others fawned over NVDA, we were raking it in with a company at the top of my pecking order. I’m telling you, my trading scanner is unstoppable… So get ready, because the opportunity is flowing, and we're just getting started.

I’m Olivia Voz, your volume profile aficionado, and Mark Sebastian is back with his profitable market outlook…

I couldn’t have been more right about NVDA… and we absolutely nailed trading earnings. Now SPY is heading higher, just as expected.

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Right now, I’m diving into the hottest levels to watch for SPY, a golden opportunity with a recent Top Shelf Trade, and Mark has some great advice that will rock your trading socks off.

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I was 99% correct in my previous NVDA opinion here and here on YouTube too… and I'm glad I stayed bullish for the market. I'd say the 1% of info that I didn't dig into was if NVDA had stellar earnings, the market would continue to chug higher. Which they both did. NVDA didn't give us the all-hyped pullback and IT WAS NEVER GOING TO!

And I'll say it again, we are officially OUT of bullish conditions and IN a bull market. Of course in any bull market, there will be pullbacks and corrections, but we have far exceeded any possible volume profile breakdown setups in the near future. Recently, I've had my eyes on SPY reaching 505 - 510. Now that we've hit the first target, I'm now bumping that 531.

As I mentioned last week, I'm unboxing my favorite strategies for bull markets and introducing you to my Top Shelf Trades. And we cracked a big one - literally last week with Vital Farms, Inc. (NASDAQ: VITL). While everyone was scrambling over NVDA, the Closers were confidently trading this golden egg company. 

Take a look at this Top Shelf baby! Full disclosure, I knew this thing had wings - omg I can't stop with the chicken jokes - but I didn't know it would parabolically blast off like this so quickly. 

I have a scanner curated to specifically find top shelf trades, and I can't wait to see what gifts it will bring us today! And if Mark can find some big money flow to support these is a holy grail trade.

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Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

I don’t know how many times I can say it …

Near dated premiums are too cheap going into events.

On Wednesday, going into NVDA earnings, in Trade to Close we traded LIVE and members killed it.

If you are not in Trade to Close to understand day trades, butterflies, and strangles, you’re missing out because it's been a gold mine.

SPX near dated option sellers are making it almost too easy.

Looking at the market, it’s notable that while the VIX was down on Thursday; strike volatility is up.

The SPX March 15, 2024 5100 calls saw an increase in implied volatility of about .20 points.

This is a sign of call chasing and stock replacement. I think we are getting REALLY close to a top.

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