Macallan’s Got Nothing on this Top-Shelf Strategy


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Hang on to your seats because the bull market is roaring, and guess what? It's party time! We’ve all been waiting for this and now I’m diving back into the game with some of my tried and true trading tactics!

Today, I've got a gem for you: my "top-shelf trade” strategy. We're talking max gains by riding the support wave, armed with moving averages and volume profiles.

We scored big with Unity overnight using this bad boy, and I've got all the juicy details so you can spot these golden opportunities too!

Plus, Mark Sebastian's got some market intel hot off the press with an omen you won’t want to miss… 🔥

The bull market is here. Members who have traded with me for years have been waiting for this moment. Because now I can dust off some of my favorite signature trading strategies!

One of my favorite trades is called a “top-shelf trade”. I may have named this strategy after my favorite whisky, Macallan, but there is more to the shelf than that. 

In order to utilize this trade, you MUST have your 21, 50, and 200 day moving averages AND volume profile on your charts.

Essentially, we're looking for a confluence area of support (aka, a shelf) to help lock in price and give it wings to fly. 

Let's revisit Unity Software Inc (NYSE: U). Last week we cleverly traded U to leverage gains overnight. And as mentioned, I did see more room to run for U. The reason is because of this extraordinary combination of support for the stock. 

The more support, the less room for resistance. Unity still has wings baby! 

Here’s Mark’s take on the markets…

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

Implied volatility and the S&P 500 are starting to correlate.

The red line on the bottom is IV and the top is the SPX.

When IV and markets correlate it's a harbinger of a colossal shift on the horizon.

We will either see a pull back and correction or a strong move higher.

Markets are going to move VERY STRONGLY in a direction and very quickly — likely in the next couple of days.

Now, when it comes to trading live each day, Mark and I aren't just making bank, we're building an empire of savvy traders! 

Every weekday we cleverly maneuver through stocks, trade ideas, stack those profits, and dive into a sea of opportunities. This year? It's gonna be epic for the Closers!

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