The Beyoncé of Breakouts: SPY’s Volume Profile Story


Hey Traders,

The market is still feeling bullish, even after a wild week, and SPY and crew are just chilling at the top. It's like a coiled spring ready to pop – or like that jack in the box your weird uncle gave you last Christmas. 

Explosions can go either way, but SPY?

Oh, honey, it's giving me breakout vibes.

And Volume Profile is telling the story…

Olivia Voz here, your volume profile virtuoso. And, my partner in profits, Mark Sebastian, is serving up some Big Money Flow brilliance for your trading pleasure…

SPY’s volume profile is spicier than a jalapeño, and BABA? Caught my eye for a rally, baby. We're not just trading, we're gift-giving geniuses too – got some holiday ideas hotter than a stock on fire for your loved ones.

Check out this gorgeous pennant in SPY

And here's the tea – the volume profile is spicing things up, creating some solid support at the pennant's sweet spot. 

We're all just waiting for SPY to shimmy higher. 

Bulls, get ready, because when that happens, it's not just Bullish Conditions – we're talking a Full-Blown Voz Branded Bull Market. Get your horns ready, baby!

Now, onto the money moves.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd - ADR (NYSE: BABA) is on my radar for some serious upside. Mark sniffed out some juicy near-dated calls during our live trading show, Trade to Close. We pounced like a cat on some shiny tinsel.

And speaking of big money moves, Mark Sebastian is dishing out the deets on NIO. Big Money Flow is like a secret code that Mark can decipher… keep reading to see his breakdown.

Big Money Flow Spotlight: NIO

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when many options are traded all at once on the same ticker, usually by someone with inside information. 

  • This is a strong signal that the stock might make a significant move higher or lower, and most traders might not notice it. 

  • I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making profits.

I saw serious call buying for the end of January in Nio Inc - ADR (NYSE: NIO) from Voz's bull watchlist.

Over the last few days, traders accumulated 13k of the Jan 26, 2024 9.5 calls. On Thursday in two large block trades, traders bought another 12,000 of these calls. 

I also spotted bullish positioning in NIO for regular Jan. Traders are playing this one to potentially move much higher.

It is extremely hard to borrow.

Volume was up almost 100% on Thursday and it was almost all in calls which traded 4.7 to 1 call vs put.

This looks like a prime spot for a short squeeze…I’d piggyback here since these buyers are serious. 

We're taking a break next week, but before we jet off, here's some holiday cheer from us to you. 

My holiday go-to drink is a pomegranate martini – classy and sassy. And for 'nog lovers, add some coconut rum, for a Florida-style twist.

Mark and I have you covered with last-minute gift ideas – ladies love a plush robe, and men? Trust me, no one wants a case of beer. Griff's getting the Italian Monthly Gift basket. (Who wouldn’t want that?) Bellissimo!

See you in the New Year, darlings! 

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian

Disclaimer: These recommendations are for informational and educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when trading and trade at your own risk.

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