‘Tis the Season to Sleigh the Market

Hey Trader,

It's that magical time when the stock market gears up for a spirited run into the new year, showering profit presents on bullish investors. 

While it's not an annual guarantee, with the current market conditions, I'm placing my bet that the Santa Rally will indeed come to town!

I’m Olivia "Voz" Voznenko, your spirited Volume Profile maestro, and my profit-pal Mark Sebastian is the Big Money Flow guru. Together, we're the greatest trading duo on the planet, and we've got the trading chops to prove it.

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Mark and I laid out our stock bets for the month—so get ready for a December to remember.

What’s a holiday season without a little friendly face-off? 

Mark and I are revving up our monthly trading showdown, and this December, all eyes are on the eagerly anticipated Santa Rally! 

In our monthly trading competition, Mark and I each pick our favorite stock, and this time, I'm going with Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ: BMRN)—a gem suggested by one of our savvy members during the live Trade to Close show. 

Biotech tends to thrive in bullish conditions, and the chart and sector alignment are singing the same jolly tune.

Two big reasons why BMRN is lighting up the bullish radar on the volume profile: 1) It busted through the 200-Day Moving Average, and 2) It just soared above a key resistance volume zone.

I've set my sights on a juicy Upside Target of 100. Take a peek at the chart below—those blue bars on the right side are the pulse of the volume profile! 

Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ: BMRN)

I am going long in BMRN and plan to watch it roar higher this December!

Mark chose TFC as his stock of the month and broke it all down LIVE on the Trade to Close show. 

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Big Money Flow Spotlight: TFC

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow kicks in when someone trades a massive volume of options at one time—usually an insider with exclusive information. 

  • It's a potent signal for potential stock movements that most people don’t see.

  • I'm all about spotting, decoding, and leveraging Big Money Flow for trades and gains. It's a game-changer in predicting stock actions.

I caught two major big money plays in TFC, both winners and both bulls. 

The biggest trade in TFC from Thursday was a call roller. A trader that was long the TFC Jan 32.5 calls, sold to close 10,347 of the calls at 2.55, then they pocketed some cash, and rolled the position to the Feb 35 calls. This is a trader that was very right and pressed for TFC to keep running…

I caught a similar trade the same day.

A trader who was long the 32.5 calls sold to close but this time bought the Feb 35-37.5 call 1 by 2. This is also bullish but says this trader doesn’t think the stock is going to explode.

The option flow on TFC was THREE TIMES its normal volume… and mostly calls from this massive spread.  

Clearly, these two traders nailed it being bullish so I am going to piggyback their moves. I like the stock to 37 dollars a share or higher.

I am going long in TFC and plan to ride it until the end of the month. 

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We are going to trade right into the close today and plan to set up a super trade to carry over the weekend.

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Olivia “Voz” Voznenko and Mark Sebastian

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