Liquidity Drought? More Like Opportunity Overflow


Hey Trader,

All time highs, what else is new?

Welcome to the biggest rumor on wall street - the doldrums of summer. I'm not sure why the media labels summer as a total bummer to trade. Sure, hedge fund managers are off to golfing, pooling and playing beer pong with their adult children in the Hamptons and yeah…liquidity gets a little dried up.

But lack of liquidity doesn’t mean lack of action! As a matter of fact, it’s magnifying upward moves from stocks finally finding a bottom

We’re at a tremendous point in this market, one I have been waiting to trade with my members for years.

I'm not even kidding, I canceled my trip to Italy just to be with you guys. Closers remember me booking the trip off of our tremendous META short.

We have tossed aside both my labels of bullish and bearish conditions that I have educated and traded with you on over and over and we are in a full blown bull market.

Now bull markets can face some pull backs like we saw in may in their journey but the bull force will help persevere. These will only be a 5-10% mini pull back at a time.

The trend is set for 2024, my friend, and the stock market is on a roll!

With that, we also have tons of stocks that are BOTTOMING. Finally! And not just bottoming, but being invited into popular bullish volume zones that are exploding!!!

My strategy is to have a high win rate, but the % aim is correlated with our current market conditions. 

In previous conditions my members knew they’d be winners aiming for each swing trade to be 20-50%, and we’d use our bombshells to obviously always be the huge 100%+ winners.

Now we’re bagging 100%+ for each of our swing trades while simultaneously crushing bombshells too. It's amazing when all of the strategies are shining together!

There are tons of opportunities and I'm sending out trades nearly every day. Come trade the next ticker on my watchlist today by joining right here! You can't miss out on this insane time to trade!

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz