How to Thrive in the Coming Bull Market


Hey Trader,

I’m very honest with my members. I identify market conditions and we trade accordingly. For instance, during bearish conditions we’ll strategize to take smaller bets with shorter time frames. These bets will both be puts AND calls because I don’t like betting against companies! But when the opportunity presents itself, we have to trade accordingly.

Also in bearish conditions, rallies can be extreme and completely ruin an options position, even if it ends up close to our targets.

The past year we experienced both bullish and bearish conditions. I promised our members what to expect. Our goal was to gain 20 - 50% per trade. While that sounds boring compared to some advertisements on the internet you may come across, promising 1000% returns etc. THOSE wild returns can happen, but not consistently in certain market dynamics! We stay consistent and confident. We’ll take maybe 4 losses total out of 25 in a BAD month. And it is never because a stock doesn’t do what I expected.

Let’s talk about NOW and the future. I told members we’re about to have the trading years of our lives. And they consistently made those returns I just called back to. Now, we’re expecting 100 - 1000% returns, We are in a full blown bull market. This is where we can hold on to positions a little longer, aim for those huge gains WHILE STILL BEING CONSISTENTLY GREEN.

SPY is going to reach 570 by the end of this summer. We’re experiencing the luxury of truly picking the bottoms of quality stocks and making insane amounts of returns. I love the market at all times, I love the process of making money and figuring out how to do it, but I understand that members are mentally feeling extra good about this particular period. Whatever floats your boat!

So while nothing has really changed for me except becoming richer at a faster pace, I’m really excited for the members to experience the next couple years that will be ones for the books!

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz