The Art of the Close: Why Timing Is Everything


Hey Trader,

When Mark and I place bombshell trades, we often refer to a collective “they” when the market moves. “They” bought it, “they” sold it, “they’re” not doing anything! LOL

They are big institutions and funds that run this market. And they are issuing buy programs and sell programs all day. These can be seen via big candles that can keep or switch the momentum.

Some of the most notable programs are at the end of the day. I’ve noticed this purely by being a master at trading the Close. These big moves happen at 3pm, 3:30, and then during the last final 15 minutes of the day.

While volume patterns are extremely important in identifying if there will be follow through, there is one more interesting fact that supports why the end of the day is so fantastic at these times.

Institutions and funds will basically put their “offers out and in” during their programs. These must be submitted before the market closes leading up to 3:55. That’s why we have the huge move, everyone, THEY are getting their final trading in so volume increases and can impact the move.

My Closer indicator tracks these trading patterns all day, and it will have a high edge on if the end of the day will be bullish or bearish.

Friday was an awesome example of the velocity we get! Closer was bullish and volume helped create extra support. That move turned into an insane pop to hit my targets at the last minute of the day!

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Based on the volume profile and my indicators, I have known big money is bullish this summer — further proven by the closes we’ve seen. 

After the pull back in May, my indicators are bullish during most trading days.

This gives us the advantage of trading throughout the day, banging out epic bombshells at the end of the day, AND knowing what side of the market we want to be on.

I have an upside target of 552 in SPY.

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Always be closing,

Olivia Voz