Bulls Keep Charging — Will the Fed Pull the Plug?


Hey Trader,

This week will be a tug of war between a strong stock market and rates.

While the market is having the times of its life, rates are being a party pooper.

We have CPI and PPI this week, but the real game changer will be the Fed rate decision and the press conference that follows.

If we do have a dip in the market, I do not think it’ll be that significant.

The market is reaching all time highs at a very reliable pace. We consolidate, break higher, consolidate, break higher AND we even had a healthy pullback in may.

That secures bullish positions for now into the future!

Additionally, we have strategies for all faces of this market. Recently, we taught a masterclass on our overnight strategy, where Mark and I often place an option trade after hours to bet if the market would open up higher or lower. This was building up to non farm payrolls. We made 3 overnight trades that week that won mega:

During the next masterclass, I’ll cover my volume profile day trading strategy. We use this during the closing hour, but it is an excellent strategy to use during the day too. I’m breaking down exactly why and how I enter trades. We've been sprinkling in these types of trades already this week… making over 200% in SPY yesterday, for example!

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The market didn't even do much yesterday and we made 200% on a trade. That's how important it is to trade with us!!

Ahead of NFP, I shouted that the market would hit an all time high on Friday. It did. Don’t mess with me! 🤑


Mark’s up next with his market outlook…

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

On Wednesday, the FOMC makes their rate decision. That morning is CPI.

This is going to be a HUGE day for the SPX, but maybe more so for bond markets.

So how the heck is the straddle in TLT so cheap?

Mind you, this ETF moved almost two dollars on Friday after non farms. We have huge economic data hitting and 1.10 is all the market can come up with?

TLT premium is a buy.

Go Oilers!

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian