Never Be Surprised by the Market Again


Hey Trader,

While the market never ceases to amaze me it also never fools me… thanks to the Volume Profile. 

Last week we had some market scares after NVDA sold off nearly 100 points. Interest rates were adding to the concern, putting increasing pressure on us. 

All we have to do is leave it to the Close to make up for all of that lost time. 

On Friday, we witnessed a 5 POINT MOVE in the entire hour of the show. 5 POINTS in SPY!! 

A 2% move in a day for the market is pretty significant, let alone 5 points in ONE HOUR. I told everyone I was about to blow their minds and boy did we show up. Closers made insane amounts of money to enter the weekend. 

And as a bonus, I was certain we'd get a gap higher on Monday. So after cleaning up shop at 4pm, Mark and I entered one of our other favorite options trades, our SPX overnight trades. Here’s what we called out live after the close:

Overnight: SPX June 3 5290-5305-5320 Call Butterfly For about $3.00.

Berry J made 80%!

Say WHAT? You can trade options after 4pm??? Yes you can, Baby! 

We enter 0DTE trades during the Trade to Close show and enter 1DTE trades right after the close. 

We're teaching a class on exactly how we execute these overnight trades TODAY at 2pm ET right before our live Trade to Close show at 3:00…

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Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

For the second day in a row, we’ve seen wild moves in the S&P 500.

On Friday, the market was up 20, then down over 40, and then ended the day up 42. Monday had pretty similar price action – open up 20, down over 30, then end the day up 6.

I don’t know exactly what is going on but these intraday swings are not normal. Add this to the craziness of BRK/A dropping 99% at one point because of a glitch, and we have a market that’s teetering.

With the VIX at 13 and 0DTE INSANELY high the last couple of days, I really think we might be setting up for something big. We may climb the wall of worry here for a bit … but if we get an interest rate move right after the NVDA split, we could have something interesting on our hands.

Trading 0 DTE is so important to us at TTC, this type of behavior is only going to make us $$$$.

Join us today at 2:00 pm ET for just $17!

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian