NVDA and Earnings Reports Rock the Boat


Hey Trader,

I had dinner in Palm Beach yesterday and swarms of helicopters were there!

But I agree with Mark’s sentiment below —- national news doesn’t really touch the market. Geopolitics is another story.

The market is trading in choppy conditions this week. Yesterday we witnessed live on the show, NVDA broke its 200-period MA on the 5-minute chart. 

This tanked not only the stock but the rest of the market…

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We also saw some big names like Sales Force, MongoDB, and DELL flop after earnings this week. Normally stocks like this that have a huge fan club will bounce immediately. But when market conditions are weaker, those fans will be hesitant.

Here’s my complete breakdown of DELL and MongoDB if you’re interested!:

I think these earnings will continue to sell off for that matter. If no one wants NVDA they’re not going to jump to these either…

See you at 3:00! But first, check out Mark’s take on the market!

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

On Thursday afternoon, after the market closed, former President Donald J. Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges in the case brought by the state of New York.

While he is unlikely going to jail —- he’ll get bail on appeal I would imagine —- frankly, long term, this verdict has zero effect on the stock market. Yes, opening today, we COULD see the market sell off some, but it’s not likely relevant to our national news.

The prosecution of a former president currently running for his job back is going to cause some political turbulence. But overall, it will have little to no effect on the market long term. Take a look: in the last 40 years, it doesn't matter who is in office … stocks go up.

That said, in the near term there could be some small fireworks. I don’t think the VIX will move too much (in fact, I have a bet with Andrew on how much it will move, I took the under).

Truthfully, I don’t think this has any outcome on the election and thus the market.

Now, what WILL have an effect on the market … is NVDA:

Bonds are already falling apart. If NVDA is going to melt … goodnight market.

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