Cooking Up Gains: My Sizzling Market Positions


Hey Trader,

We may be grillin’ and chillin' but one thing that is not getting grilled is the market. There's an old trader's tale on Wall Street: "Sell in May and Go Away." Meaning that the market usually experiences some selling or lackluster activity. 

I feel bad for whoever took that advice because that has NOT been the case! We've had a rollercoaster ride to ALL-TIME HIGHS this month!

I want to quickly focus on that specific roller coaster ride, because as we mentioned last week, one thing we did not foresee was NVDA causing the market to drop as it shot higher. While many traders got spooked on that big red day, I made sure to keep our Closers LONG and STRONG. With that, we ended the week with a sweet market recovery. 

Now everyone is agreeing to share the stage. While NVDA continues to hit all time highs the market is back in tandem so both are shining. 🤩

I made a video that NVDA was going to hit 1100 by this week.

Not too shabby of a prediction as I write this note NVDA is just 50 cents away from that!

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Always be closing,

Olivia Voz