How to Score Big Bucks During a Bloodbath


Hey Trader,

Mark and I were super bullish into NVDA earnings, we made 50% on our SPX directional trade...but why not more?

Because as Mark said, NVDA is a vampire.

If you know me you know I'm bold with my market claims. I don't back pedal. I was screaming from the rooftops NVDA would gap up with a target of 1100. NVDA Got more than halfway there.

What I DIDN'T know, wish I did...was that NVDA all time highs would...tank the market?

This revisits my note from previous earnings. I remember I probably sounded like a psycho saying NVDA is its own beast, NVDA has nothing to do with the market. The market was going higher if NVDA was or wasn't. Well maybe I was right after all?

NVDA is giving main-character energy and took ALL the attention. While the initial jump boosted the market this morning, as NVDA rallied the market got SLOPPY. Like Mark said, it was a vampire. Such a perfect way to put it.

Bullish Support is 532.50 to set up for another launch attempt to 537. Breaking below that, We'll have to assess a potential short term put to Volume Support at 517.

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Next up!! Mark’s Market vs. NVDA showdown…

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

NVDA is up 10% as I write this.

Every major index though is down.

I can tell you that everyone and I mean EVERYONE thought the earnings boom would give the market another goose higher.

I personally was thinking we could make a run at 5500.

Instead the market opened on the highs and petered out.

What is happening?

NVDA Is a vampire….

It’s literally sucking the life out of every single stock…

AAPL is down 1.7%

AMZN 1.2



MSFT .67

TSLA 3.3

MONEY is flowing out of every single stock and into NVDA.

Could we rally into the afternoon? Maybe … but the S&P 500 feels really toppy and the price action from Thursday STINKS.

It’s highly plausible that we are due for some potentially serious selling. If NVDA can't hold the market's water … it’s up to bonds.

Bonds rallied most of May … but have now stopped:

The TLT dipped below the 50-Day briefly.

If rates fall apart and NVDA isn't doing it, what's next?

A major blow back from 0DTE trading.

Despite the market selling off, we are still seeing a lot of premium selling into this move.

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Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian