How to Dodge the Chop: Our AMC Masterstroke


Hey Trader,

We took advantage of the GameStop and AMC craze this week then quickly shifted to getting back to more “reasonable” stocks.

We got in and out at the perfect time whereas a lot of traders got chopped up. (We made a play in AMC and BABA too!)

This is why it is important to trade with professionals versus doing it on your own.

We are here to help you MAXIMIZE your gains!

The market also continues to hit my bullish targets and we have our members in a directional bet.

My next target for SPY is 537.

Mark has major intel in NVDA that could move markets…

Earnings Spotlight: NVDA

By Mark Sebastian

The Fed,  CPI,  PPI,  and Non-farm payrolls are out of the way.  We have one more big hurdle to's NVDA.  If they can report a repeat of last year,  the upside on the market is north of 5500.   However,   if they fail,  things could get ugly.   

I kid you not,  NVDA is the most important earnings of the season,  and this report might even trump Fed days.  It's that big.

Right now the options on NVDA are pricing in almost a 9% move.

The normal move priced in is about 6.84%.   so markets are paying attention.  To put that in perspective in terms of points....traders expect NVDA to move 80 points or more.

If NVDA can get over 1000,  there is no stopping the QQQ and the SPY.

But a fail....and we could revisit 5000.

We’ve been seeing a lot of intense closes lately — like the one that made a fantastic bombshell on Wednesday!

Can't get enough of these bombshell wins!

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Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian