This Meme Stock Prodigy is Flipping the Table on Wall Street — Again


Hey Trader,

Did you catch my extremely loud hint on AMC? Let's GO!

In last Thursday's newsletter  I covered how AMC was gearing up for a huge reversal. There's a major difference between what I saw and what I knew...and I love how this turned into a giant production!

If you refer to last week's chart, AMC showed three zones to enter into. You can look at these as key areas for the start of a reversal or profit zones. I looked at them as PROFIT ZONES!

This is what I saw…

But what I didn't that Roaring Kitty was going to post his first video in three years to pump up cult stocks like AMC. And AMC exploded!

Here’s what happened:

If you don't recall or didn't see the movie Dumb Money, Roaring Kitty is a YouTuber who became famous for forming a cult following behind the stock GameStop. Shares eventually went parabolic, annihilating hedge funds that were short the stock.

I traded the GameStop phenomenon years ago. It was one of the only joyous highlights of Covid. Sorry Zoom happy hours, you were instantly replaced.

You think I'd let my members miss out on this action? While stocks like AMC and GME are going insane, are we going to just sit on our hands? NO.

The thing about cult stocks is they are very dangerous to trade. Beginners to advanced traders can miss out or get chopped up. That's why it is important to understand the expectations out of these moves and have your charts match up with the trades. GME was harder to track. So I went with our special guest of last week's newsletter — AMC — and traded the zones exactly. We entered the Call Option at .45. Those calls went to 1.50 by the end of the day. The Closers were very happy!

I think this is just getting started. Expect a bunch of these names to go nuts this week. And if you want to trade it with us, join here for 7 days free!

Then check out my latest video on GME…

ALSO, last week Mark saw suspicious money flow into RDDT and we issued a bonus trade....I suspect they were buying in on speculation of cult stocks making a comeback.

Next up is Mark’s volatility watch…

Volatility Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

I’m back!

While I was gone, the market stopped moving.

VIX was below 12 for the first time in months.

And VVIX … options on VIX are CHEAP:

With CPI coming up I think long options make sense here.

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian