Lights, Camera, Action for AMC


Hey Trader,

Get your popcorn out, we're trading AMC!

Unfortunately AMC has a lot of popcorn bag holders in this stock. Essentially it was a pumped up Reddit fueled trade that didn't get the same momentum as GameStop.

Is AMC reaching a bottom? The chart looks like a horror movie and it doesn't seem to be reversing anytime soon, until you add the volume profile.

I'm not trading this stock yet, but the volume profile is highlighting some potential entries for a long play, and that would confirm a reversal. Yay, a happy ending to this drama!

I've spotted three profit zones on AMC's chart. These are zones where price is expected to act as a magnet. If price can break above 3.50 and enter these zones, that will be the start of the reversal. So essentially to make it to the third profit zone, price needs to break 3.50, then 4.50, then 7.

If we get to 7, this thing is going to 10.

We'll see if we can get tickets to the most amazing reversal of all time!

Check out my newest YouTube video with more AMC details!

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Olivia Voz