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SPY is breaking down. We haven't seen a move like this since August/September so we know exactly what to do and how to handle it. We already took our first directional short and made 50%. Looking for another breakdown and more follow through.

We got trapped in a few longs during the trend change — but you are only as good as your last trade… Our last trades have been puts that are paying us beautifully including 50% in our SPX directional and 60% in RUN. 

We have a few other puts open right now and I'm expecting immense follow through. It is difficult for me to pick an exact top or bottom but I get pretty dang close and hold no fears and hear no noise when my charts and intuition are on fire.

It's also earnings season and we like to issue some fun bonus trades for traders to play off our bets. I, against what seems to be the world, went short in NFLX. Mark helped me curate a cheap play and this will be a nice win for us. When it comes to earnings, some charts can give me a 70% edge which beats the binary 50/50 event a stock will beat or miss gap up/gap down. NFLX is a perfect example to lead. I also think we'll have a lot more gaps down this season as the bull sentiment seems to hit snooze.

Mark’s up next with his market outlook…

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

What makes this market move from a small correction to full on sell off?

Bonds. Watch IEF… It is threatening to break lower. If it does, it will take the whole market down with it. I know we all are looking at Geopolitical headline risk, but the selling in the market is more about interest rates and earnings than anything else.  

ASML's abysmal earnings and TSM's soft outlook are pouring cold water on the AI craze.

If bonds crack we do have a legit shot at the 200 DMA at 4670, or worse....especially if earnings fall flat — which is a real risk.

Did I mention our trades are killing it? These are from yesterday alone…

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