Beat the Odds on Both Sides of the Market


Hey Trader,

The market is still in an uptrend, but the upside pressure is increasing as we remain stuck in this long consolidation. We have major bank earnings this week and Netflix, those could assist in finally moving this market higher or lower.

As we mentioned before, we've been tracking the run up in counterparts and commodities like the dollar, gold, and oil. I still saw upside to these, and not just upside, an explosive upside. We gave some bonus trades to closers to position for some Friday wins in gold and uranium. 

Both of these perfectly hit my upside targets the very next day, I love when that happens, especially when we're trading with the big L - leverage! Wow, looking at these charts we also got out at perfect timing. That's why my volume and Fib targets are so useful! 

This Wednesday we're doing a coaching class on how to pick stocks or swipe NEXT using my recent positions (both winners and ones that got away). I would love for you to attend even if you're not a member yet, because it'll be really fun and educational. Take advantage of my free trial here.

We also sent a bonus "riff" trade on AAPL that made over 300% the next day. That was gutsy, but the risk/reward was too hard to pass as AAPL recovered over the point of control and showed more potential to run!

As for the next week, we'll be considering both bullish and bearish positions as the market continues to teeter. For all of you out there, one trading tip I have is to still play, but limit your exposure until we have more market follow through.

Market Moves Spotlight 

By Mark Sebastian

This may just be getting started…

With the break in the 50 Day moving average on Monday I think we are going to retest the gap we had post FOMC in February:

VIX is exploding and is now starting to become backward.

April already is over May but expires in 1 day.  Right now the formation says we move hard….probably lower.

If we enter full backwardation then you can probably count on a serious move lower…likely driven by bonds.

Meanwhile, the bond market is falling apart.

TLT threatens the October lows and things could get really bad here.

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Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian