Here’s How Billionaires Do It


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The market keeps hinting at being frothy, but the bulls are staying frosty as they keep treating every attempt of a selloff as a satire. As we keep saying, the market can't go in one straight line, there is going to be some sort of pull back. We've been able to catch the blips, and while this may transpire or not, I do know one thing, this market will end higher by election and why not position for that.

It's great to be back from vacay, but I hopped off the jet and went straight back to work. I had the opportunity to meet Leon Cooperman, a billionaire investor and fund manager. So I was NOT missing that flight. Lee took the basic questions of how to select charities —  he's very generous to the health education system —  to what everyone else really wanted to know…

How does a billionaire pick a stock? My question, as an options trader, took it even further - how do you time it?

The question of timing has an answer unrelated to time: Quality. You can see a pattern in the Buffets and the Coopermans of the world, when they see quality, they buy it at any time and I was shocked he dished them out. You think I'm gonna keep a secret from you guys? Absolutely not. If hot trading gossip is the castle then call me the queen.

MSFT, GOOGL, TSM & Oil. Billionaires seem to always have an affinity for oil, but for Lee he narrowed it down to one Canadian petroleum company: Paramount Resources (PRMRF).

We will always continue to trade the classic Trade to Close way, trading end of the day bombshells, and swing trades. But one assumption outsiders have is us just being that. No siree. Mark and I are very well networked people in the industry. We get the chance to hear undercover stocks that many keep tight lipped.We'll know the rumor before the buy. And while I sprinkle some long term trades in our portfolio to celebrate quality, I also share some silent sleepers ready to explode to our Closers.

It's nice to be back from vacation. But let's just say vacation to me is like an elite sporting event. It's a party, but that's where we can really talk business.

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