Quick Big Money Flow Update


Hey Trader,

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I spotted a big trader who was incredibly bullish and right about it.

Big Money Flow Spotlight: SLV

By Mark Sebastian

  • When thousands of options are traded all at once for the same stock, that’s what I call a Big Money Move.

  • It’s usually made by someone who knows insider info. This is a strong sign that the stock might make a huge shift up or down.

  • Many traders might not catch onto it, but I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making money.

Where does the call buying end in SLV?  

I saw a trader that was long the April 12 25-26 call spread, selling to close 40k times at .41 — only to lever up and roll back a week buying the April 26-27 call spread for .22 60k times.

He or she took in a net credit on the roll and also gained leverage by increasing size.  

This is super bullish. If I find a cheap way to piggyback, I’d go bullish here too.

Always be closing,

Mark Sebastian