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Hey Trader,

It’s time for our Monthly Roundup…we’ll go behind the scenes of our paid service to give you the ups, the downs, and where the market is heading next.

At the end of the month Closers get excited for this event. We round off all of our winners of the month from smallest to biggest. Closers also engage in honorable mentions as well through our on screen analysis via viewer requests, big money flow and my volume scanner. It's loud and exciting! Unfortunately this also comes with some losers (they happen) and we’re proud to record only 4 / 19 losers for March. 

Our top winners were GOOGL (125%), CGC (100%), F (100%), and MTCH (50%)! Wowowow!

Today (Friday) we don’t have a live Trade to Close show — we’re off for the holiday — but we still have PCE data, and we'll digest that over the weekend.

We have been long in a Gold position and took a nice gap up gain on Thursday because I'm concerned about the follow through…

Interestingly, the dollar showed strength after Fed's Chris Waller spoke this week. He's basically Powell 2.0. When the dollar is strong, gold usually goes red.

But both were in the green on Thursday, and when I see this phenomenon it shows that the market is dislocated...meaning it's not operating on auto drive.

Mark and I have been noticing a lot of RED closes lately. We get the best idea of the market because we see patterns at the same time every day. Something seems to be changing JUST at the close because...

I've told Mark everyday we are only going higher, the broader market seems so easy, and we keep holding this pattern.

But the truth can sometimes be told in the close...and I'm curious to see if this later day jitter seeps into the broader market.

April is usually a fantastic month for stocks...but March is usually a pit of despair. But we never got that rough patch in March this year... So is the sell off shifted because of leap year? We'll see! 

In the meantime, I'll remain bullish until I see volume breakdowns.

Mark spotted some massive Big Money Flow up next in BHC…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: BHC

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when many options are traded all at once on the same ticker, usually by someone with inside information. 

  • This is a strong signal that the stock might make a significant move higher or lower, and most traders might not notice it. 

  • I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making profits.

There has been nothing but bullish flow in BHC for the last 3 days.

The stock chart is strong… So BHC might be going to 13.  

This is one of the major stocks we broke this down during the live show on Thursday.

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As I mentioned earlier, we won’t have a live show today because of the holiday but we will be back again next week so see you then!

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian