The Game-Changer You've Been Waiting For


Hey Trader,

A couple months ago the market officially changed under Voz Analysis. We upgraded SPY from Bullish Condition to a full on Bull Market. This unlocked a lot of my go-to strategies to be used in a bull market, like our Top Shelf Trades, sector rotation and now a fan favorite I finally introduced again - intra day trading.

See, being a Closer we have tons of different ways to make money in any market. We can make it during the hour with our Bombshell, Swing Trading, Sector Rotations (Who told you Energy was going to get a monster bid a couple weeks ago?) and "tooth fairy trades'' where we enter a trade at the close and wake up with a nice gap up or down to profit. Tooth fairy trades are excellent in high volatility environments, like a bear market, bearish conditions and even bullish conditions. In a bull market, volatility is less likely so these trades are focused on more individual stocks than the broader market.

But now since the market continues to prove itself to be in a bull market, we can expect less volatility and more prediction. This is where my intra day trading enters the chat.

Last week I introduced this strategy to the Closers. I sent out two fresh trade alerts in the morning and greeted my closers at 3pm to cash in on them. Both of these profited 100% in Ford and CGC.

3/20 Trade Alert: Buy To Open F April 19, 2024 12.50 Calls for 0.25. Options strikes may appear as “12.82” FYI.

Same day 3/20 Trade Alert: Sell F Apr19 12.50 Calls for around .50 or better . A 100% win!


3/22 Trade Alert: Buy to Open CGC April 19, 2024 - 6 Calls for around .80.

We exited these the same day during the live show for $1.60! Another 100% win!

I will still use my other strategies of course, but I'm so excited to finally introduce this one back in the mix.

If you want to see what it's like to trade this new strategy, we're offering a special deal to join TTC with a glorious free trial! My mission is to grow the best niche of traders in this market and the Closer community is coming out full force with our unique, fresh and signature trading that'll turn the finance world upside down. Come join us.

Speaking of sector rotation, my energy picks in SWN and XLE have been crushing it. And while there may be some more upside, I'm rolling cash into the next wave...Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is set for another move to the upside. It just broke top shelf resistance through the 21 day and Volume profile point of control (POC) and is set to hit 72,300. 

Other notable names in this sector are COIN, MARA and RIOT.

As we speak, I am currently hosting a Bombshell Class for all of our Trade to Close Members, so if you join us right here - you’ll get to see all the details behind our hottest trades and snag the full replay so you don’t miss a second!

Hope to see you soon.

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian