Tech is on a Tear and Energy is Hotter than a Jacuzzi in July


Hey Trader,

After a road trip of ups and downs, this week I'm putting my general market consensus in neutral and reading the road map for the next turn. While the general market stays above my support, I'll assume we'll have sector rotations to help propel us higher.

Tech is at nose bleed levels making bloody good profits. We succeeded in this race with our 125% profit on GOOGL. Closers still have positions in special tech stocks, as I dont think tech is OVER, but I do like to think like a fox when trading and my foxy senses are picking up the next bid in two sectors.

The first that's catching my interest is the communication sector. Communication is key in every relationship, so it's healthy to have that between me and my money. 😉 Joking aside, the charts are showing me a few stocks that should get some love in the next week or two. I'll likely position Closers in my favorites this week, but here is an obvious breakout we all can enjoy.

This is a bit hypocritical because I personally dislike communicating with any customer service over at Comcast CSMCA (is waiting on hold for 70 minutes even considered a phone convo?) but it is indeed a pillar in its own right. Technically, the stock has made one of my favorite VP moves - a Top Shelf Trade leaping off of the point of control (POC) and the 21 day Moving Average. This has helped it meet and greet upside targets like the 200 day moving average. 

CMCSA has a total lack of upside volume supply, meaning the stock looks promising to continue this uptrend. In the words of Emeril Lagasse - "don't touch that dial" my eyes are GLUED now.

I will however monitor XLE while I watch CMCSA cooking. I have been guilty of that, watching a show on TV yet scrolling on social media on my phone. I see a few of you out there nodding in unison.

But alas, Energy is also entertaining at the moment. The Energy ETF is doing two of my favorite technical dances: price has found support off the POC, and MACD made a bullish cross above the histogram. There are many stocks in this sector, pick your poison, but I'm especially keen on SWN.

Mark’s up next with an inside scoop in GOOGL…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: GOOGL

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow kicks in when someone trades a massive volume of options at one time—usually an insider with exclusive information. 

  • It's a potent signal for potential stock movements that most people don’t see.

  • I'm all about spotting, decoding, and leveraging Big Money Flow for trades and gains. It's a game-changer in predicting stock actions.

The Mag 7 is no more. The separation between the individual components has become palpable.

While 6 months ago it seemed the 7 names moved in tandem,  now, they seem to be completely uncorrelated. In fact I would argue some of them are moving based on dollars moving back and forth. 

Over the last few days when NVDA is down, AAPL is up, TSLA is doing its own thing. META and MSFT used to move somewhat in tandem and are not.

The last 3 months have seen the entire complex separate....each stock is its own now.

One of the biggest trades on Monday was in GOOGL.

I thought this is interesting because it basically says...GOOGL isn't dropping.

This is a GIANT put sale stating it may get softer from here...but it won't be by more than about 3%

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