Gravestone Candle Pattern Signals Stormy Seas


Hey Trader,

Monday's close? Total whiplash! Brace yourself for the rest of the week—I'm on high alert for sneaky technical tricks.

The market's blazing, SP 500 smashing records, but don't get comfy. Expect some rollercoaster dips.

I'm Olivia Voz, your market maverick, dishing out tips for this wild forecast. And guess what? Mark Sebastian's got some NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) big money moves about to explode...

Here are my market measurements, how to navigate the chaos, a recent short squeeze jackpot, signs of a retail uprising, and Mark's NVDA cash flow breakdown…

No surprises, folks! The major indexes are sky-high! The SP 500 hit a record high again yesterday, and its shadow SPY is strutting towards my target of 510 - 520. My thesis? BULLISH, baby! But here’s my mindset:

A. Brace yourselves for some red days. We can't keep riding the rocket forever.

B. Stay sharp! Targets can overshoot or undershoot. Be ready for a slap-in-the-face correction or a rug pull at any moment.

Let’s focus on B for a sec…

Monday's close was a rollercoaster! We popped three points higher to celebrate the Chiefs' Super Bowl win, then BAM! Buyer's remorse smacked us hard in the afternoon.

The whipsaw created a wicked technical pattern - a gravestone candle, they call it. If we keep selling off, brace for an avalanche. But if not, it's just another false alarm, like when the weatherman predicts a storm but all we get is a sprinkle.

Speaking of storms, Mark asked about my fave Super Bowl commercial. Duh! I'm hyped for the new TWISTERS movie! I've dreamed of chasing tornadoes since forever. But for now, I'm chasing trades for our VIP crew.

Short squeeze stocks are brewing a tempest. They've been battered, but I see opportunity. We bagged nearly 60% overnight with Unity Software Inc (NYSE: U). More upside? Heck yeah! But tons of stocks are about to blow up. I’ll plan to snag those initial bursts for overnight wins during Trade to Close.

Lastly, my gut's screaming about retail. Closers swear by my sixth stock-sense. My watchlist includes Abercrombie & Fitch Co (NYSE: ANF), Tapestry Inc (NYSE: TPR), and Macy's Inc (NYSE:M).

I mean, look at ANF! That straight-up symmetry? Bullish vibes all the way!

Up next, Mark’s mega cap big money flow highlight…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: NVDA

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when someone buys or sells thousands or tens of thousands of options at once.

  • Insiders behind these plays have knowledge no one else has and these moves signal wild stock shifts to come. 

  • I specialize in spotting, understanding, and profiting from these moves.

There continues to be a trend of flow in mega cap tech. Traders are replacing stock with in-the-month calls.  Thus far it has worked swimmingly.

Here is an example:

In NVDA a trader sold to close 25k of the March 570 calls collecting 172.22. They then rolled up and bought the March 680 calls.

This is the 3rd or fourth time this trade has been rolled.

There are similar positions being traded in META and MSFT

It's essentially the same position as being long the underlying and long a put,  but is much less capital intensive. This makes a ton of sense if one wants to be long NVDA but doesn't want to put up the 700+ dollars per share to be long.

It is also a sign that the positive momentum in the chips and ai is causing some nervousness. By using this strategy the trader has a floor to how much they can lose being long because the only amount they can lose is the premium they paid.

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