Historic Bull Stampede: SPY’s All-Time High


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You can bet your bottom dollar we're feeling those bullish vibes! The S&P 500 is kicking and strutting on the grand stage after hitting 5,000 – talk about a bull breakout!

And don't you dare think the earnings season's curtain call means we're slowing down. Oh no! We're still reeling in those sweet, sweet gains – like 40% on UBER and over 150% on RIOT! 

And guess what? SPY's just getting warmed up!

I'm Olivia Voz, your one-and-only for all things volume profile, and my partner in profit, Mark Sebastian, is back in the mix with some spicy stock-replacement tricks. Trust me, folks, we're cooking up a storm in this bull run! 🐂💰🔥

I’ve locked and loaded my next two targets for SPY, and as for my bullish watchlist? Honey, it's smokin' hot and ready to make some serious moves! Mark’s TSM big money flow breakdown is sure to leave you seeing green — catch it all here…

Volume profile showed a perfect bullish setup in the market and we finally broke out to historic highs.

It took long enough but thanks to the VP we saw this coming a mile away. 

We had an extra special show on Trade to Close yesterday as Closers witnessed and traded SPX as it finally touched the new all-time high of 5,000. It was SO cool to share this historic moment together on our show LIVE! 

So where are my next targets for SPY? The first stop is 510 and next up, 520. 

Now that earnings season is quieting, I am back to scouring the volume profile and have a ton of opportunities to pack our portfolio with my go-to trades. We made 40% on UBER and over 150% on RIOT this week! 

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Here are the hottest names on my Bullish Watchlist: 

Riot Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT)

Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS)

Arm Holdings PLC - ADR (NASDAQ: ARM)

CleanSpark Inc (NASDAQ: CLSK)

Up next, Mark spotted an awesome TSM stock-mimicking play…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: TSM

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when many options are traded all at once on the same ticker, usually by someone with inside information. 

  • This is a strong signal that the stock might make a significant move higher or lower, and most traders might not notice it. 

  • I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making profits.

We all know that options are often used to speculate on the direction of a stock but they often can be used to replace a stock position.

Here is an example of one gone well:

Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. (NYSE: TSM) has had a really nice run the last few days exploding to over 134 dollars.

On January 18th when TSM traded around 113, a trader bought the May 100 calls — which were in the money — 36k times.

The trader rode them higher to sell them at more than double the purchase price.

The trader then sold the position and used about 75% of the premium collected from the sale of the 100 calls to buy 49500 of the 120 calls.

The trader was right, levered up, and used options to mimic being long stock by buying ITM (in the money) calls.

The Closers — our Trade to Close members — absolutely killed it this week…

If for some odd reason you're not a Closer with us yet, get in here so we can trade the next SPY moves and post-earnings madness together! 

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