SPY Breakout, Bitcoin Bears, and Strategic Moves in NVDA


Hey Trader,

Well, look at us! SPY finally raked in enough value to boost that volume profile. How! Freaking! Exciting!?

Guess what's even better? Price decided to break out of the Point of Control last Friday. Mark and I strategically positioned the Closers to go long over the weekend, thanks to one of Mark's genius SPX trades.

Check out this beautiful point of control (POC) breakout and new line of support:


Hold onto your seats because we've got some market moves that'll make your portfolio do a little happy dance. I’m Olivia Voz, your volume profile virtuoso, and Mark Sebastian is here to break down major profit opportunities in big money flow.

Today, we’ve got the lowdown on the market, crypto, and Mark has all the deets on NVDA’s recent shift from his informed buyers’ breakdown…

We've finally hit the sweet spot, witnessing a surge in value that's shifting the volume profile to new heights in the market and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is the bullish condition I am talking about!!

SPY breaking out is just the beginning; now, we're keeping a watchful eye on maintaining that 477 level to keep those bullish vibes going strong.

I called this rally, but honestly, I thought we may see a bit more volatility buildup before the party. But hey, no complaints here!! That won't stop me from seizing the opportunities right in front of me. The volume profile is my trusty guide, telling me exactly whether my predictions are right or wrong in this wild trading game!

Now, here's the buzzkill or potential blitz boon (depending on how you played it): Bitcoin and its squad. Relatives like COIN and MARA are still doing the downward dance, just as we predicted last week. According to the volume profile, brace yourself for more selling down to around 38,500 in BTC. Then we could see a shift and potential recovery.

If you went short when we did, you may already be rolling in profit… and/or you’re riding the dip for even more #GainsBaby! 🔥😍

Bitcoin USD (CCC: BTC)

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Mark Sebastian, the maestro of strategic moves, has the full breakdown of NVDA… Is NVDA running out of steam, or are we in for another round of fireworks? 

Mark unveils a trader's chess game, a sequence of moves involving calls, profits, and strategic shifts in exposure. It's a saga that suggests caution but keeps the door open for more bullish adventures.

Big Money Flow Spotlight: NVDA

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when someone trades 5 or 6-digits of options at once, usually because they know something others don't. 

  • It's a strong signal about where stocks might go, and most people don't catch onto it.

  • I'm all about finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for making trades and getting gains. It's my secret weapon for predicting what stocks might do.

Is NVDA losing its mojo?

Last week, a trader played the smart game, closing his or her 460 calls for Feb at a sweet profit and then diving into the March 500s… Selling 20k to buy 30k – talk about a power move. 

The next day, the trader ditched the 500s and snagged the 530s.

Fast forward to Monday, and the trader sold the 530s (30k) but bought 25k of the 570 calls. 

That’s a lot of buying and selling, so what's the takeaway here? 

It seems like the trader is still bullish NVDA but is dialing down his or her net exposure to NVDA while pocketing some gains – hedging their bets.

So, while the NVDA rally might be feeling a bit long in the tooth, the game is still on. Watch out for this one.

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