Beast Mode: Crush It with Strategic Sell Zone Shorts


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If I had to pick a ride-or-die in the trading world, it's none other than volume profile. Trust and believe, this tool is my absolute fave for navigating the market like a savage!

Today, my focus is on serving you the deets on the volume profile’s Sell Zones – because, let's be real, timing is money, darling! #SellZoneSwagger 💰

It's your fierce volume profile authority, Olivia Voz, in the house and I’m here with the big money flow guru, Mark Sebastian! 

I’ll show you the best place to short this market like a monster and don’t miss Mark’s bullish NVDA insight… 

First up, the volume profile – that fabulous tool that spills the tea on the juiciest moments to pinpoint buy and sell moves. 

The market continues to consolidate at the highs playing hard to get up there at the peaks. It couldn't be bothered to dance in any direction after bank earnings dropped. 

My sources are all looking to short the market… But committing to a long-term bet? I’m waiting until we break down into my sell zone after 4720. Take a look at this chart. I’ll stand by until the volume profile calls the shot to short. Once it enters the sell zone I’ll drop like it’s hot.

E-mini S&P 500 Index Futures

Let's talk about more bearish signs I picked up and traded – individual stocks sneaking into sell zones like GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME). As soon as this one hit the top of the sell zone, it broke even lower from there.

GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME)

Big Money Flow Spotlight: NVDA

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow kicks in when someone trades a massive volume of options at one time—usually an insider with exclusive information. 

  • It's a potent signal for potential stock movements that most people don’t see.

  • I'm all about spotting, decoding, and leveraging Big Money Flow for trades and gains. It's a game-changer in predicting stock actions.

NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) bulls are in full force.

A trader who was long the Feb 460 calls (which are in the money) sold to close at a nice profit. But rather than pocket the cash they levered up buying even more of the March 500 calls.

Current PE is 72.25. The last time it stretched it got to over 100, so if they are going to keep expanding NVDA's PE there could be a move to 600.

Always be closing,

Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian

Disclaimer: These recommendations are for informational and educational purposes only. Please exercise caution when trading and trade at your own risk.

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