There’s Profit in Patience: Volume Profile Setups Never Lie


Hey Trader,

This market is bouncing around like a kangaroo hopped up on a triple espresso!

But I have the inside scoop on the market’s next moves. 

Crypto is HOT on my radar this week and Mark spotted some informed buying in not one but TWO big money flow names…

Olivia Voz here, your fearless volume profile expert, and my partner in profit, Mark Sebastian, brings the heat with his big money flow breakdowns.

Let me tell you, we’ve already seen a massive shift this week… and it’s only Tuesday. We witnessed Monday's market rise from the ashes after last week's selling spree… 

And right now, we're teetering on the brink, right at the edge of the volume profile's tipping points. I personally, am not making a move until this market spills its secrets, through the volume profile… but it could happen at any moment. 

Here’s my SPY outlook, a beautiful bull rally breakdown in Bitcoin, and one that’s ramping up for MARA…Plus, don’t miss the upcoming “lift” in your favorite commuting app…

For my bullish buddies, I've got my eyes laser-focused on SPY's volume shelf. I’ll jump in to go long as soon as I see a shift to support new highs. 

And then there's Bitcoin, which created one of the most beautiful bull setups I’ve seen lately. It consolidated, soaked in volume, created a breathtaking volume node, and then—boom! Off it went! I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for that same magic to unfold in the stock market. The anticipation is killing me, but in this game, patience is the ultimate virtue.

Mark and I have been absolutely tearing up trades, riding volatility explosions in the final hour for day trading during the Trade to Close show. But guess what? Those same volume profile setups are giving us a cheeky wink for swing trades too.

Here’s one example… 

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: MARA) is coiled up tighter than a spring, ready to explode. I've strategically placed my bets, and with other exclusive stock setups, our Closers are primed to waltz out of this week flush with cash. It's all about timing, darling, and I've got it down to an art.

Keep reading for Mark’s big money flow double-feature… 

Big Money Flow Spotlight: LYFT and RSP

By Mark Sebastian

  • Big Money Flow happens when many options are traded all at once on the same ticker, usually by someone with inside information. 

  • This is a strong signal that the stock might make a significant move higher or lower, and most traders might not notice it. 

  • I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making profits.

After a very rough week traders are back at it in LYFT. The stock has been under pressure since breaking out, but traders are aggressively going after calls that expire this week buying the 14-15 call spread over 17k times. It looks like LYFT is going to get a 'lift' toward 15.

On the index side we continue to see traders building a big position in RSP,  the equal weighted S&P 500 ETF. This is a play on the market going up but the other 493 stocks in the S&P 500 out performing the Mag 7 through Jan expiration. I saw pretty aggressive call-buying all last week and this week across the board even as the market was selling off. I think we could see a rally into January expiration.

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Olivia Voz and Mark Sebastian