Market Mayhem to Massive Moolah: Our 2024 Roadmap


Hey Trader,

Buckle up because this year is gonna be wilder than a rodeo on roller skates.

But we have a plan for the entire year to profit like it’s hot…

I'm Olivia Voz, your sassy source for all things trading, and I've got Mark Sebastian dishing out Big Money Flow brilliance faster than you can say "bullish banter."

Now, let me tell you, this market is about to get more dramatic than a soap opera finale. But here’s a secret… Mark and I actually thrive in chaos, turning volatility into fat stacks of cash. 

We're prepping for a market rip so extreme it'll make your head spin, starting mid-spring and we’ll ride the election buzz wave through the end of the year. Keep reading to find out how to join the action LIVE.

But first, let's talk strategy, darlings. I'm predicting a market rollercoaster, full of ups, downs, and a face-melting rally by spring. How am I building my watchlist? I'm like a detective hunting down the juiciest setups based on the market's mood. 

If it's breaking down real bad, I’ll go short all day… But if we do a 180 and skyrocket, I'll hunt bullish trades like a fashionista chasing the latest trends. Just remember, the volume profile is the choreographer behind my Cha-Cha-ka-CHING! 💲

In the immediate future, I'll look for bullish trades as long as the volume profile supports higher prices. Volume should shift up to validate the next move higher. Otherwise, we may see a dip through the Volume Profile thin zone. Check it out:

And speaking of moves, I'm in the final stretch of renovating my condo. The bar area is my favorite—classy and chic, just like my trades. Check out these personalized leather coasters from Ralph Lauren that scream VOZ. 

But hold on, the show ain't over yet! Mark's gearing up with a TMUS Big Money Flow breakdown that's gonna make you shift your trading strategy. So let the money-making extravaganza continue…

Big Money Flow Spotlight: TMUS

By Mark Sebastian

  • When thousands of options are traded all at once for the same stock, that’s what I call a Big Money Move.

  • It’s usually made by someone who knows insider info. This is a strong sign that the stock might make a huge shift up or down.

  • Many traders might not catch onto it, but I focus on finding, understanding, and using Big Money Flow for smart trading and making money.

I spotted a big close and roll in T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS). 

A trader who was long the Jan 155-165 call spread sold to close, pocketed a chunk of dollars, and rolled up to the 165--180 call spread for February.

This trader was right and reinvested some profit to make even more.

The stock has been on a tear, but it actually looks a touch toppy to me at the moment. 

I am also concerned that the implied volatility is starting to creep higher even as the stock rallies.  This is one to keep a close eye on.

If we see a pull back below 160, I’d initiate a call buy in TMUS. 

As you can see, we have a rock-solid roadmap for 2024…

We're diving into a brand New Year (already massively profitable). Next up, a mid-spring frenzy and we will ride the electrifying election buzz into the fall. Are you ready for the VIP tour through ALL of this year’s best trades? 

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